What is Slot Bonus Feature – A Complete Guide

What is Slot Bonus Feature – A Complete Guide

Bonus features in slot games make the game really interesting as these little luck injections can help you win greater returns.

Slots games with bonus features are not only much more entertaining, but they can also bring you much more gains compared to those games without those features. So at the initial stage of your gambling career, you need to try first to play with a few bonus features and then start playing with real money. If you are lucky, your winnings can be doubled or tripled if you know the ins and outs of slot games.

SO, here are some of unique aspects of slot bonus –

Free Spins:

Free Spins is probably the most popular and well-known feature of Slots games and the logic behind it to give the whole thing a bit more spice. Free spins, as the name suggests, are basically a few donated spins, mostly via a special symbol called Scatter. So, if you manage to get your hold on these amazing free spins options, you would not have to make any further bets and you will even be allowed to keep the winnings.

Scatter symbols:

These symbols are often used in slot games and they are used to offer scatter payouts and trigger bonus features. You can use other symbols in the game if you wish so or alternatively you can become part of the game by trying other winning combinations. Scatter symbols do not necessarily have to land on the same winning line to activate a feature. This is why the name “Scatter” is used – they can be scattered anywhere. Usually you need 3 or more of these symbols to trigger a feature or bonus game. Scatters can also trigger free spins or a multiplier effect.

Wild symbols:

Simply put wild symbols as a completion symbol for certain winning combinations in the slots game. You can replace other symbols, except scatters and special bonus symbols that can activate free spins. These wild symbols have been specially designed to dramatically increase your chances of winning and make the game more attractive. Over time, more interesting versions as E are of the traditional Wild symbols now xpanding Wilds , Stacked Wilds , Random Wilds and Multiplying Wilds become.

Multiplier symbols :

These symbols make the slot games more exciting, because they can convert a meager gain into a huge profit. Multipliers are mostly wild symbols which can be distinguished from the other symbols easily if you are careful enough.  If used judiciously, these wild symbols can help you grab winning combination in a game. The bonus rounds in a slots game also often offer Multiplier symbols, which may give you the chance to select clickable objects, trigger additional bonus rounds, or participate in interactive games.

Gamble Feature :

With the Gamble feature, you have the option to choose the right color and the right symbol, and if you are right, you can win a lot because your winnings will be trebled or quadrupled.

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