Want to Play Poker Try These Professional Tricks

Want to Play Poker Try These Professional Tricks

Poker is not just the coolest game. It is a game where you will spot some good friends (or even angry Gangster) sitting around a table, deep into the game, clacking chips, the coins and bills are piling up and the empty beer bottles as well. The evening turns into night and the fun does not stop. Alright … but what if you do not have a poker table? Or if you don’t like beer that much? Or most of your friends do not play poker and you do not know any gangsters? No problem – I have a solution: video poker. 

Video poker is not a new innovation, but it is still thrilling, exciting and makes a lot of fun – especially if you hate sitting in a smoke-filled room in a secret place. In video poker, you will find different game variations on offer and each variation has certain rules . The four most popular variations are these –

Deuces Wild

In this poker game the card with the number 2 is also considered as a wild card, or as a wild card.

Joker Poker

In order to make the game more exciting, the normal 52 cards are added to 2 Joker cards.

Tens or better

Here you will have to win a pair of tens or anything that is higher.

Jacks or Better

The classic and the most popular video poker game is Jacks or Better – a hand with at least two Jacks promises a payout. Just like with Tens or Better, this is also the minimum requirement.

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