Casino Dispatch

Casino players have plenty of options when it comes time to entertain themselves. Some of these players choose to go down to their local casino. Others make the smart choice and play games at home. The online gaming industry has grown to the point where players now have plenty of options. They can have all of the fun and all of the opportunity without ever leaving their couch. Online slots provide players with the chance to hit big jackpots. The online slots also provide action, as you can get through many more pulls per hour than you might at a brick and mortar casino.

The player's objective is to correctly guess and place wagers on which number on the wheel the ball will end up on. The player places bets on the Roulette table and if lucky collects a payoff the size of which is determined by how he/she bets. The odds range from 35 to 1 down to even money, depending on the likelihood of picking the correct number.

Here are the rules for Poker, but knowing this doesn’t make you an expert, so be careful. Knowing the difference between each hand doesn’t mean you can play pro. You should practice with friends or a familiar that really knows how to play. As the saying goes… The practice makes the master!

At the Casinos, Blackjack games are the most popular, and we know why…

- The house doesn’t have the odds fixed to win every time. When you are playing, the cards that are drawn from the deck are depleted, making each hand unique because the cards at the deck vary.

It seems that good luck charms and gambling just naturally go together. We have all walked through the casino and seen the troll dolls and other good luck charms adorning the slot machines. Of course the use of these good luck charms is not limited to the slot parlor, and all sorts of good luck charms, from lucky rabbits feet to a favorite piece of jewelry, are making their way to the world of bingo as well.

Every pastime has its own rules of etiquette, and blackjack and other casino games are certainly no exception. Many would be blackjack players are intimidated by nonstop action of the blackjack table, and fearful of making an embarrassing mistake. This article focuses on some basic rules of blackjack etiquette.

The following account of the history of the game is an excerpt from Stewart Culin's paper published in 1891.Keno was introduced by Chéung Léung who was from the Han Dynasty. When the city was under a lot of pressure and the provisions were running out,...