23 Casino Expressions You Must Absolutely Know

23 Casino Expressions You Must Absolutely Know

By knowing these expression, you will be able to establish yourself as a pro casino player in front of the whole world and can earn some respect from fellow gamblers –


Exciting promotions and competitions take place regularly at the casino, where amazing prizes such as free spins, cash, travel voucher and even cars can be won.


An exciting table game between you and the dealer. The aim is to get as close as possible to the card value of 21.


Craps is in dice game, where you must guess the number of dices. There are several betting possibilities and thus also great profit possibilities. This game comes from France, but is now very popular worldwide.

Playing Conditions

The play-through conditions that must be fulfilled before your money can be transferred from the bonus account to the cash account.

Deposit bonus

Frequently bonuses are awarded for the payment of certain minimum amounts.

Free spins

In Slots games, the accumulation of 3 or more Scatter symbols usually trigger free spins – you do not have to pay for them and you can still win!


All casino houses usually have hotlines and that means, you can get instant help in case you run into some serious trouble.

Amazing collection of Games

With more than 600 types of casino games available at your disposal, you will not be bored – Slots games, table games, video poker, casual games and more.


Most of the casino games offer a jackpot; Tournaments and progressive games for example tend to offer jackpot to those players who have the luck and the skills to beat their opponents. A hugely amount of money, which has accumulated slowly, was won at once and this is known as hitting a jackpot in a casino game.


A classic game that can be found in almost all casino houses. It resembles the lottery or bingo where you have to select a number that has to be matched with the number generated by the machine.

Live Dealer

Play exciting table games like real baccarat, with real cards at a real table with a real dealer – thanks to super live streaming technology!

Mobile Casino

Yes you can play casino right from your mobile phone. However, it has to be a smartphone for that purpose. Most online casinos allow players to play from their smartphones. All you have to get registered with them.

New players

Even if you are playing casino for long from your PC, when you will be visiting a real life casino, you will be considered as a new player.

One Click

Play immediately, without downloading, without stress … Thanks to the new casino gaming technology, games are now immediately available in your web browser! No need to wait in the queue.

Progressive games

It is a game where a large number of players participate and these players usually come from the most diverse online casinos. Each participant makes his / her deposit and contributes to the profit on the large common pot. This joint payment method makes it possible for you to take home a profit in millions of dollars.

Scratch Cards

Who does not know them, the little cards that you love to scrape the surface with a coin and hope to win something great. However, there are also electronic scratch card games that are at least as much fun and much more profitable.


With our 128-bit encryption system security and anonymity are guaranteed. This system is used by leading banks. Furthermore, some casino websites use the eCOGRA seal of approval.

Loyalty program

You can earn loyalty points while gambling and these loyalty points can be credited. If you already have 5000 loyality points, you can exchange the points for cash. Certain points are linked to certain points, which in turn bring rewards.


This word is very important in the gambling community – hundreds of games, exciting contests, amazing tournaments, exciting raffles and interactive actions – these are just some of exciting things that you can experience at Casino Dispatch.

Responsible Gaming

It is important that you set a limit while gambling. We do not want to mislead anybody, so we offer a quick self-test for evaluation and offer you the possibility to lock your account for different periods.

Roll solders

The good, old one-armed bandits of the old playing halls are still there – but with us electronically. Nostalgia awaits you in this retro slots game. Very typical, 3 rolls with 3 symbols each, the cherry, the 7 and the “bar” symbol – Have fun!

X, Y, payment methods

A wide range of methods for deposits and withdrawals are offered at the casino. This simplifies the payment process for you, as you can choose how you want to deposit and how you can withdraw the payment.

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